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Pickle Gulch.png

Pickle Gulch

Trail Info

Type : End-to-End

Elevation : 9,154 ft to 10,617 ft.

Duration : 2 - 3 Hrs.

Difficulty : 4

Length : 9.2 Mi.

Latitude: 39.84323

Longitude : -105.52754

County: Gilpin

Forest Service: Arapaho National Forest

2m Repeater: 145.3100- 88.5 - KB0VJJ

70cm Repeater: 449.2250- 141.3 - N0SZ

Download Link : [1]

Map Link : [2]


Pickle Gulch is a 9.2 mile 4x4 trail in the Arapaho National Forest near Central City, Colorado in Gilpin County. It is a fairly active point - point trail with a few water crossings, picnic areas, abandoned mines and excellent views. This trail is rated as moderate and open roughly April to October, although snowdrifts in on the north exposed slopes may block the trail until late May.


Trail in 3D view
Trail in Topo Map